Photo Editing Tools in PicsArt

PicsArt Gold is an app for photo editing like Background Removal, Image remixing, collage, adding stickers, and much more. But being an editor you must know how about different tools used for editing. Because if you know the functions of all tools, you can easily edit images without wasting any time. In this article, You will learn about photo editing tools in PicsArt and their benefits. Keep scrolling down to read the complete article.

Tools in PicsArt

Following are the tools which are used in PicsArt Download. We’ve divided these tools into different categories for your easiness.

Basic Tools

  • Contrast: You can use this tool for a balanced look.
  • Cropping: You can adjust the image size by changing the aspect ratio or adjusting the edges of an image.
  • Resizing: You can resize an image like Zoom in, Zoom out, etc.
  • Blurness: You can blur an image’s background to focus on the main part.

Colour and Effects

  • Filters: You can use different filters to make viewable your image.
  • Brightness: You can use brightness for each image, like a dark or shining view.
  • HSL: HSL means Hue, Saturation and lightness. You can use them for a better view.

Advanced Tools in PicsArt

  • Blemish Remover: You can use this tool to remove any skin mark. The face will be glowing after using this tool.
  • Teeth Whitening: This tool gives your teeth a natural looking bright effect.
  • Body Reshaping: This tool can reshape your body, like adding a six-pack or converting a fat body into a muscled body.

Creative Tools

  • AI Tools: These tools include background removal, replacement, etc.
  • Collage Maker: You can use different images and stitch them as beautiful ones.
  • Stickers: You can use hundreds of available stickers or make your sticker for a better look.

Other Tools

  • Video Editing: You can use this tool for editing, like trimming, mixing images into a video or adding music, etc.
  • Drawing: You can use different brushes or pens to make your drawing as an image.
  • Text: You can use this feature to add some quotes, captions or watermarks to your image.

PicsArt’s user-friendly usage makes it easy to guide experts and even beginners and professionals alos can use its vast features and powerful tools. Remember, You can easily learn how to use PicsArt by consistency and practice. Learn hidden gems and create your unique editing style. The world of Picsart awaits your creative touch!

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