How to Remove Background in PicsArt

PicsArt is an amazing app which is used to image and video editing by removing backgrounds, using filters and making collage etc to make your images memorable. PicsArt Gold provides you with Premium and Gold Version that maximize photo editing with the help of hundreds of features like No watermark, No Ads, Free clip Libraries, User-designed stickers, Animation, and Drawing tools. You want to avoid particular things in the background in several instances. You can remove the image’s background and use the brush to draw unique content. This app is one of the best photo editors on Android Devices. It provides next-level editing, which no app on Android devices provides. You can also compare it to PC apps due to its enhanced features.

If you have downloaded our app and you want to remove backgrounds in images, Kindly read the full article carefully so that you can easily edit your images without any difficulty. Further, if you have any query, you can ask us in comments section. We will be always be there for your help.

Step By Step Guide

Here we will guide you to how to remove background from images.

Open the PicsArt App

First of all, Download PicsArt from our site and install. Once, installation has been completed, Open and launch the app.

Select Your Image in PicsArt

Click on the “Plus” to import images from your Android Device Gallery. Select the images which you want to removal of the background.

Select the Background Eraser Tool

In app, there are different tools are available for editing. Please search for “Background Eraser”, a tool specially designed to remove backgrounds..

Erase the Background

Utilizing your finger, select the boundaries of the part in the image you wish to retain. The app will have the chosen area and automatically remove the unselected background.

Refine Edges

After removing the background, Utilize the “Erase” tool to groom up any spots requiring improvement. So that there is a perfect match of your image and background.

Save Image

After completing the editing process, click on the “Save” icon to save the edited image. Your photo is now ready to share with your friends and family.

Export Image from PicsArt

Export your edited image to your device’s camera roll or share it on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.


You don’t want certain things in the background in several instances. You can remove the image’s background with all the extended background eraser facilities and add other image content. That is all a professional image editor wants to use the apps to help him do his work. With this, You can start your professional journey with the help of this amazing app. This application will make your work more manageable if you are a newcomer to professional image editing. This app will make your work more manageable if you have zero technical editing knowledge. By downloading it from our official website, you can use enhanced features without any cost.
So, what are you waiting for? Get the PicsArt Premium Mod APK to download from the above link and relish these special editing features without any complications.

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