How to Cancel Your PicsArt Subscription

PicsArt is an amazing app for Image or Video Editing using features like Removing Backgrounds, Making Collages, Using Filters, and much more. You can use its trial version for a limited time. After that time, you must buy subscriptions to avail of Premium services if you have purchased a subscription that is renewing automatically and want to cancel it. Here is the complete guide to canceling your PicsArt Premium Subscriptions on Android, iPhone, or PC.

How to cancel PicsArt subscription on Android

You can easily cancel the subscription on an Android device by following easy steps:

  • Open “Google Play Store” on your Android Device.
  •  Click on the Account Image, which is in the Top right corner.
  •  Click on “Payment and Subscriptions”.
  •  Now, click on “Subscriptions”.
  •  Search your PicsArt Subscription, Write a reason to cancel your subscription, and click “Unsubscribe.” Now, Your subscriptions will be canceled and you can Download it from our site free of cost and can enjoy premium offers.

How to cancel subscription on iPhone

If you are an iPhone user and want to cancel your subscription, you can easily do that by following steps:

  • Open your iPhone Settings.
  •  Click on the Profile Picture/ Account Image.
  •  Search “Subscription” and click on it.
  •  All subscriptions will be shown here.
  •  Click on PicsArt subscription.
  •  Now, Click on Cancel subscription.
  • To proceed with the cancellation of your subscription, click on the confirm button.

How to cancel subscription on PC

If you are using PicsArt Premium on your PC and want to cancel your subscription. Then, You need to follow the easy steps:

  • Open your Microsoft Account on your PC.
  •  Go to Account Settings.
  •  Click on “Services and Subscriptions”.
  • Click on PicsArt Subscription, and the screen will display all your subscriptions.
  •  Click on “Cancel” to cancel your subscription.
  •  Now, Click on confirm to proceed.
  • Your PicsArt Premium subscription will be cancelled after confirmation.

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